Seven Ways to be More Profitable in Your Small Business

More profitable is a small business owner’s number one goal. I found a well-written blog on Melinda F. Emerson’s blog. These are 7 simple steps that take less than 30 minutes a month to perform.

You can read more about the 7 steps here on the Small Biz Lady’s Blog

Being more profitable in your business is critical. If you are not making money, you will go out of business fast. That should be self-explanatory, but I’ve lived it.

I used to spend a lot on my business. I would buy things that were not necessary. Marketing should have been my number one priority. When I figured that out, my business soared. I became more profitable almost instantly.

Facebook advertising turned my business around. Generating leads, setting appointments and making sells was a thing of the past. I had to turn off my campaigns often, because I could not keep up with the business.

That is not a bad problem to have. The business was more profitable. I could spend time building other businesses, because I’d found the blueprint.

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