Wifi Wealth System Review

Wifi Wealth System Shows You How to Supplement Your Income

The Wifi Wealth System is an online marketing platform. It helps people supplement or replace their income. The owners Anji Long and Ben Martin are successful marketers. They have helped hundreds of people create six figure incomes online. I discovered the system on a webinar one night and I just had to share.


The Wifi Wealth System Shows YOU How to Make Money with Three Income Streams.

Income Steam #1 – They pay you per lead

The Wifi Wealth System will pay you $1.50 for EVERY verified lead you send them. The lead DOES NOT need to buy anything. The online marketing industry thrives off leads. Companies will pay big bucks for leads. Leads can be worth thousands of dollars to them.

Income Stream #2 – You can earn $80 a day with Motor Club of America

MCA, also known as Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc., is a well-established motor club company with well over 7 million members. The company was founded in 1926, when it began providing quality products and services to truckers. The Motor Club of America Protection Plan was redesigned in October 2011—with the help of TVC Marketing Associates, Inc.,–to include a plan for the standard automobile. This redesign allowed MCA to offer their members a complete protection program that would also cover their regular motor vehicle.

Because MCA has redesigned their motor protection plan, there is an urgent need for sales/customer service associates within the United States and Canada to help market MCA’s Total Security Motor Club services. Instead of relying on services such as radio and television advertising, MCA prefers to share information regarding its motor protection program through those that know the most about their company—their members. MCA gives its associates the ability to earn a work at home income by simply sharing this opportunity and benefits.

Income Steam #3 – Make monthly income showing people how to build their database.

Aweber is an email marketing service. Evey reputable company or marketer needs one. In order to make good money online, you need to build an email list. When you build a list you control, you have more power to earn more money. You have the opportunity to email your list whatever you want and make money from more purchases.

Let’s Break Down the Wifi Wealth System Numbers

If you take action and follow the training you could be a huge success. If you work hard/smart and create 100 customers each month, this could be your income:

Wifi Wealth System Income Stream #1 – $1.50 X 100 = $150

Wifi Wealth System Income Stream #2 – $80 X 100 = $8,000

Wifi Wealth System Income Stream #3 – (30% x 19.99) X 100 = $600 (monthly)

Total Income For the Month = $8,750 CLICK HERE to GET YOUR SYSTEM