Dosh Cash App Review

How Can I Make Money With The Dosh Cash App Review

Dosh Cash App pays you cash back for shopping and pays you for referring the app to others. It’s a simple way to make money online during your daily routine.


Do you shop in your local area or online? Of course, you do, dumb question, right? Welp, here’s another way you can earn income for doing what you do anyway. Buy food, buy clothes, buy gas, buy things you need with the apps retailers. Earn money for doing it. Dosh Cash App is easy to use.

Dosh Cash App Breakdown

Getting Started with the Dosh Cash App

After you download the app, the first thing you need to do is add a NONE prepaid debit/credit card. Adding a qualified debit/credit card to the dosh cash app, you will be eligible to receive $5. You will also set your set up to collect $5 for each person you refer. They must add a qualified debit/credit card to their account.

Earning Cash Back with the Dosh Cash App

In-store offers:

You can shop in national chain stores, local stores, and restaurants. When I log into the app I see 5% cash back from Papa John’s, 7% cash back from Hallmark and 10% cash back at my favorite local Thia food restaurant.

Online Offers:

If you’re a big online buyer, you can get 2% to 10% cash back at places like Ray-Ban, Bed Bath & Beyond, Neiman Marcus and much more.

Travel Deals:

If you love to travel, you can get $25 for booking your first trip. You can also get even more cash back from the trips you book as well.


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