Black Owned Businesses Got The Short End of the Disaster Relief Funding.

Black Owned Businesses hit hard by COVID-19. The relief funding ran out in a few days. Black leaders across the US are demanding answers. Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Potbelly Sandwich Shop got over $10 million dollars each.

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Mike Williams, Founder of Black Business Trends

Black Owned Businesses
Closed sign/small business PHOTO BY FORM PXHERE

Seven Ways to be More Profitable in Your Small Business

more profitable

More profitable is a small business owner’s number one goal. I found a well-written blog on Melinda F. Emerson’s blog. These are 7 simple steps that take less than 30 minutes a month to perform. You can read more about the 7 steps here on the Small Biz Lady’s Blog Being more profitable in your […]

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How Do I Find Black Businesses?

How do I find black businesses

How do I find black businesses? I used to ask that question often. I found a list of apps you can use. The apps help with finding restaurants, professionals services, entertainment, and much more. You can read more here on the AfroTech website. Michael Williams, Founder of Black Business Trends. Do you own a business? […]

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Reginald F. Lewis

“Reginald Lewis created the first black-owned conglomerate to generate more than $1 billion in annualized revenues and inspired generations of black dealmakers on Wall Street.” – Black Enterprise Magazine This is a great read, but it gets hard towards the end. What a great man. What can we learn from Reginald F. Lewis? You can […]

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The Black Appreciation List

Black appreciation list

The Black Appreciation List is a MUST have. WOW! Jullien Gordon created a list of African American Influencers who are dominating their industries. These Entrepreneurs work in fields such as real estate, marketing, coaching, health & wellness, etc. This list has 85 plus leaders. I have attended webinars with many of them and the value […]

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