How to Test Different Capture Pages with

Struggling to Find Your Best Capture Page? I Use

Testing is the cornerstone of any successful campaign. helps you become a professional. You must discover what works before you scale up. Then you can invest more into your campaigns.

The best thing to use and discover what capture pages are working best are link rotators. After testing a few pages, review your numbers and then scale up with the one that works best.

Testing with is the difference between amateur and professional marketing. A amateur will throw shit at the wall and hope something sticks. A professional will lose a few dollars to find out what works. A professional will scale up what works and triple their profits.

Are you a professional? … or at least act like one until you become one.

I always track 4 pages with a rotator.

  1. I add links to the rotator
  2. Use the created link and buy traffic from Udimi
  3. Submit my order
  4. Review my stats
  5. Use best converting page and buy more traffic to that page
  6. Increase profits

I used to get miserable results. I was listening to the Power Lead System Trainings and they mentioned to track everything. The greatest secret ever told was use tracking and watch your business explode. My business exploded. I knew where to put my money. I found gold mines faster and got results quicker.

Success in online marketing is just that simple. Find the money sucking warp holes. Fill the holes and scale up the rest. There are times one ad can run for months and make you thousands. Make you millions. Create true time freedom for you and your family. If you’re ready to start tracking your business the right way. Click Here to Purchase Trck dot me.

To your rapid success! Lata!

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