4 Vital Points to Consider When Assembling YOUR Network Marketing Empire

I’m ready to get back into Network Marketing – It’s been several years since I build a company and made any money in Network Marketing.

Lucky for me I have a Network Marketing mentor who is making a million a year and hasn’t worked in 9 years. He has been teaching me about how to choose the right company and breaking down comp plans to make my desired income in 90 days.

The first thing he taught me was the 3 vital points to consider when picking a Network Marketing company, you can read it here.

Today’s mentoring is about how to start assembling your team.

4 Vital Points to Consider When Assembling YOUR Network Marketing Empire

1. In network marketing, one can NEVER pick their downline but they can certainly choose an up-line. Choose carefully as mentorship in this industry is important. Your money and success will always come from the downline, capable, competent, and quality of and up-line can help expedite your team’s success significantly.

2. Success always leaves clues and the best leaders know how to leave them out in a simple path to follow.

3. As you assemble your team makes certain that the team you are becoming a part of is one with a proven track record. It’s easier to get to where you want to be if you’re working with people that are already there.

4. Search widely, the question completely, understand absolutely before you commit your future to any endeavor with any company.


When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I’m ready and I’m glad my mentor picked me.

3 Vital Points to Consider When Picking a Network Marketing Company

Are you finding it hard to find the right Network Marketing company?

I know the feeling – I’ve been consulting with one of the top 250 Network Marketers in the world. He has made over 4 million dollars and heading towards 1 million per year in Network Marketing.

I told him about my interest in getting back

I’m making the decision to lock arms with a great company here is what I’m looking for: (wise words from a millionaire marketer)

1. Find a company that’s already established, ideally with a global presence.

2. Look for a company with a solid compensation plan that is geared not just to the heavy hitter but can provide immediate income for the newcomers as well.

3. They should be listed with the DSA (Direct Sales Association), and have management that is seasoned and experienced not just networkers that want to go into business for themselves best piece of advice about Network Marketing I’ve gotten in the last few years.