My Open Letter

Whats up?

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Little about me…

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I’ve worked every job under the sun.

I worked in fast food restaurants. I worked as an collector (that was hilarious since I had collectors calling me, too).

I worked in customer service with the cable company (nothing like a pervert calling customer service in the middle of the night about the pixilation with his porn channel).

I’ve worked with people with mental and physical disabilities (by far my most humbling experience). I’ve worked in the banking industry (counting other peoples money).

I learned a little something from each place I worked and what I learned most is….

No matter what industry I worked in, I continued to struggle. I was great at all my positions, but creating a business was a necessity. To Find true freedom!

I’ve struggled for the longest time, trying to build a business. I’ve spent thousands (five figure thousands) of dollars, gone into debt, overdrawn accounts, had collection agents tapping into my phone and the list goes on.

Through it all I refused to quit. I refused to sit back and watch life pass me by wondering if I had what it takes to live my dream. Today, bills are paid in advance, if a collector calls, they have the wrong person, debt has decreased by 50%, and the days of overdrawing accounts are long gone.

Was it painful, frustrating and tear jerking? Hell yeah, but I’m thankful for every moment. It made me the man I am today.

“YOUR struggle is not final, keep pushing, keep learning, keep failing forward. You got this!”

Those are the words I told myself everyday until I turned the price of a dinner at Apple Bees into a full time income from my living room. I believe you have what it takes to accomplish this too.

When will enough be enough? How much longer will you allow yourself to struggle? How many life savers does the universe have to throw you? How many excuses will you keep making? How often will you continue to complain about your circumstances?

When will you wipe your tears, stand up and do something? How much pain will it take for you to realize the path you’re on is keeping you where you are? How much struggling will you endure before YOU start to demand more from yourself?

Life is a game of challenges. Life’s pleasures in money, love and connection are ALL based on your ability to RECOGNIZE & PRACTICE your God given talents. How much longer will you walk ONLY by sight and not by Faith.

How much longer will you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself the TRUTH! Give God something to work with and your days of “just getting by” will be long gone.

Work with me and my team and we’ll help you turn things around fast.

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To Your Rapid Success!

Mike Williams

CEO & Founder of The Self Driven Profit System
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