My Fitness Journey

Over 30 Dad Says “Enough is Enough” and Takes a Journey to  Better Health!

“Less Fat More Muscle and Possibly Some ABS!”

Commitment Day November 12th, 2017 

Goal in 90 Days!

Weight: 240 to 205

Wasit: 42 inches to 38 inches

Progress Pictures

Date: November 12th, 2017

Weight 240lbs

Wasit: 42 inches

Date: November 20th, 2017

Weight 238

Waist: 42


Date: December 4th, 2017

Weight: 235

Waist: 41

Weight: 232

Waist: 41

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Day 31 – Back, Biceps & Boxing, December 13th

Lat Pull Downs
Close Grip Lat Pull Downs
Wide Grip Seated Row
Dumbell Row
T- Row
EZ Bar Curls
Cable Curls

1 Hour Kick Boxing Class

Day 30 – Shoulders and Treadmill, December 12th

Military Press
Barbell Lateral Raise
Seated Dumbell Press
Seated Alternate Dumbell Press
Cable Work

15 minute on the treadmill

Day 29 – Legs & Boxing, December 11th

I’m working on my form. I lowered the weight for a deeper squat with the hopes to get stronger and build confidence to squat deeper with heavier weight. What helps your squat?

Late night boxing for some cardio

Day 28 – Chest & Basketballs, December 10th

Day 27 – Back and Biceps – December 9th

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Day 26 – Rest & Meal Prep- December 8th

Day 25 – Rest – December 7th 

Worked a lat shift and my time got all messed up lol. Took the night off and I even ate some junk food (just a little thou). I’m learning to control myself.

Day 24 – December 6th – Legs

Air Squats
Leg Extensions
Squats with smith machine
Stand lunge with bench
Leg curls

Day 23 – December 5th – Biceps & Boxing

EZ Bar Curls
Cable Curls
Barbell Curls
Standing Dumbell Curls

Day 22- December 4th – Shoulders & Boxing

Day 21 – December 3rd – Chest

Dumbell Bench Press
Bench Press
Machine Press

Day 20 – December 2nd – Back

Lat Pull Downs
Lat Pull Downs with Row Handle
Seated Rows
Bentover Rows
Dumbell Rows

NOTE: I’m starting to worry about diet, I’ve been on a good diet, but I’ve been coming short on protein and too much fat, a major adjustment needs to be made for this upcoming week!

Day 19 – December 1st – (two-a-days)

Legs in morning:

Leg Extension
Leg Presses

Biceps and Triceps in Evening:

EZ Bar Curls
Preacher Curls
Standing Dumbell Curls
Seated Curls
Over Head Dumbell Raises
Close Grip Barbell Press
Tricep Extensions

NOTE: Starting to see my body change and I’m getting hooked up showing up each day and taking another step towards success!

Day 18- November 30th – Chest & Boxing in the evening!

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Day 17 – November 29th – Biceps & Boxing!

Day 16 – November 28th – Shoulders & Boxing (My 8 Year Anniversary)

I hit a milestone in my marriage and made 8 years today! I also started a boxing fit class with my son.

Day 15 – November 27th – Back

Big back day, I pushed myself even thou I was a bit tired from working a lot of hours this weekend.

Lat Pull Down
One Handed Row
Bentover Row

Day 14 – November 26th – Legs

Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Leg Press
Romanian Deadlift
Calf Raises with Leg Press Machine
10 min Cardio

Day 13 – November 25th – Chest

Flat Bench Press
Cable Exercises
Incline Dumbell Presses
Chest Press Machine
Bridge Presses
Push Ups
10 Minute Cardio

Day 12 – November 24th – REST

Day 11- November 23rd – Arms

The pump in my arms is serious …haha! I curled a 45 plate on both sides of the EZ curl bar for 6. I was super surprised. You must always test your limits!

EZ Bar Curls
Machine Preacher Curls SUPERSET with Plated Dips
Rope Curls SUPERSET with Rope Pull Downs SUPERSET with Over Head Rope Pull Downs
Dumbell Curls SUPERSET with Tricep Kickbacks

Day 10 – November 22nd – Shoulders

My shoulder pump today was off the charts! I pushed myself to the limit!

Seated Dumbell Side Raises
Seated Overhead Dumbell Presses
Barbell Front Raises
Seated Shoulder Press Machine

Day 9 – November 21st – Ulisses Jr Leg Workout

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Day 8 – November 20th – Back

I got to the gym late, so there is no video. I don’t record in the evening to respect the crowd of people working out. In the early mornings, recordings are always better… anyway!

I crushed a nice back workout. (today I did not count reps, I did many sets of each and then went as heavy as I could.

Lat pulldowns
Reverse Lat pulldowns
Seated Rows
Standing Barbell Row

Day 7 – November 19th – Chest & Tricep Day

Flat Bench x 4
Incline Bench x 4
Chest Press x 4
Close Grip Bench x 3
Tricep Rope Pull Down X 3
Cardio: 10-minute walk at 3.5 with 5 incline

Day 6- November 18th – Home Workout!

15 Squats
10 Push-ups
5 Sit-ups
For 15 Minutes Straight, do as many rounds as you can. Try to beat your number the next time you do the exercise.

Day 5 – November 17th – Back and Biceps

Deadlifts x 4
T-Row x 4
Lat Pull Down x 4
Barbell Curls x 4
Seven-Ups x 3

Day 4 – November 16th – Push Workout (Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps)

Squats x 4 – highest weight 225lbs
Leg press x 4 Highest weight 410lbs
Flat Bench x 4 Highest weight 185lbs
Incline Dumbell Press x 4 Highest Weight 70lbs
Military Press x 4 Highest Weight 65lbs
Close Grip Bench Press x 4 Highest Weight 115lbs

Day 3- November 15th – Rest & Meal Prep 

Day 2 – November 14th – Back & Biceps 

Deadlift x 4
Bent Over Bar Bell Row x 4
Lat Pull Downs x 4
Barbell Curls x 4
Seated Incline Dumbell Curl x 4
Cardio: 15-minute treadmill

Day 1 – November 13th- Legs & Cardio

Lift heavy enough to get a sold 8 to 10 reps (reps 7 to 10 should make you sweet) and rest for 1 to 2 min between sets

Squat x 4
Leg presses x 4
Leg Extensions x 4
Non-weighted Lunges x 4
Cardio: 15 minute Stairmaster

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