Mid Week Motivation Vol 1, Video 8: Do YOU Know What You Want?

Many people are walking around today and they don’t know what they want for their lives.

They don’t know what type of relationship they want. So they stay in a terrible one.
They don’t know what type of career they want. So they stay at a terrible a job.

Because, they don’t know what they want.

They haven’t spent enough time on themselves to recognize what they want to get out of their lives.

You know, you can create your destiny, right?
You can design your life.
You can choose what you want to accomplish.

ALL you have to do is decide what you want and go after it. It’s very simplistic.

Three Surefire Ways to Capture Your Dreams

You set a goal, you make a plan, you keep working at it every single day and everything will become a reality, but you’ve got to be willing to decide….

….What you want for your life!

Look yourself in the mirror and say “this is what I want.”

Despite what anybody else says…
Despite the negativity from anybody else…
Despite the hopelessness other people have about themselves….

Be careful of the people who come into your life,  talk down to you and downplay what you’re trying to do.

Let me tell you about my friend Michael Sterling, he said…. “Mike I want to buy a home”.

Being the exciting person I am I said “go ahead do what you got to do”

He said “people say I can’t afford it, I don’t have enough money….but I’ve been saving”

Regardless of what I said or what anybody else had to say, he went out there and followed his vision. He is now in the process of buying his first home in his early twenties.

Fantastic stuff, right?

He knew what he wanted and he said “I’m going to take my time, I’m going to find what I want, I’m going to map out the distance from my new home, I’m going to figure out what works best for me and what makes sense to me”

Guess what?

It happened and not only is he buying a new home, he’s getting it built from the ground up because the universe does magical things. The universe will put you in the right position, in the right direction and connect you with the right people.

When you truly know what you want and you focus on it, great ideas are going to pop up and you’re going to be able to go out and make things happen. When something is for you it happens no matter what everybody else says, you got to block off all the haters, you got to block out all the naysayers and you gotta focus on your goals.

First, you gotta look yourself in the mirror and determine what you want to accomplish, but you gotta tell yourself “I’m not where I want to be because of me, it’s time for me to sit down & focus on my goals and discover what I want for my life”. Decide today, that you will take 15 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour or an entire day to decide what you want.

You take the time to plan your special nights out. You buy expensive tickets to go see y

our favorite artists. You get the limos. You get all your friends lined up. You connect and socialize.

You plan everything else so carefully. But you aren’t planning your own life.

You MUST determine what you want for your life. Start applying that same level of care to your goals and watch where you could be in the next 30, 90, 128 days… it would be so powerful.

Start focusing on you and what you want for your life because you won’t just help yourself, you will help the people around you.

You will hear people saying things like “you know that crazy person with that crazy idea” if they can do it, I can do it too.

If we start being a society that focuses on inspiring one another, who knows where we can be in the future.

This your boy Mike Williams of the midweek motivation series, encouraging you to go from point A to point B, from where you are to where you want to be. See you guys next week, peace!

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