My Basic Meal Plan

My Basic Daily Meal Plan

This plan is not perfect, but it’s a good foundation to discover what will work for you!

I Fix Each Meal According to My Daily Macros!

*You can learn more about MACROS, CLICK HERE:  (I wrote up some detailed information about marco counting)*

Meal One: Egg whites, grits & pre-workout (you can use oatmeal instead of grits – you simply need a nice slow digesting carb) 
Meal Two: Whey protein powder, amino acids supplement (you can ask me about which product I use or CLICK HERE to purchase) and carb supplement post workout like Virtago.
Meal Three: Protein Shake: I like Berries, Apple, Orange Juice and Whey protein.
Meal Four: Two Plain Greek Yogurts Ezekiel Bread, Grapefruit
Meal Five: A Lean Meat (chicken breast, ground turkey, pork), Pita or Rice or Sweet Potato, with a cooked veggie
Meal Six: A Lean Meat (chicken breast, ground turkey, pork)  and a Non cooked Veggie
Meal Seven: Casein Protein drink made with water and amino acids supplement 

Things to Keep in Mind

CARBS: I’ve been taking 30% of my daily CARBS pre-workout. 60% of my CARBS post workout and the rest throughout the day.

PROTEIN: I’ve been taking my daily protein intake and dividing it amongst all my meals

FAT: I’ve been eating most of my fat in early meals

Great Reading Material

Here is a great read by Mike Matthews Bigger Learn Stronger for Men & Bigger Learner Stronger for Women. In this book, it will teach you how to break down your MACROS numbers.

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