King Keraun & Simone Shepherd Talk The Power of Social Media

King Keraun & Simone Shepherd Make Millions Laugh While Creating a Million Dollar Business Using Social Media

King Keraun (IG) Went From the Jail House to Getting Endorsement Deals Online. Social media can change your life if you use it right. Imagine the amount of influence you can have online if you followed what King Keraun and Simone did to build their celebrity and business.


Watch the video it was cool seeing a different side of these two social media stars.

Keraun Harris (“King Keraun”) and Simone Shepherd are two of the biggest celebrities on the internet, with millions of followers on Instagram, Vine, and YouTube. They’ve made a living entertaining the market segment that is called “Black Vine” or “Black Instagram. For Keraun, social media has been a life-changer — just a few years ago, before he became a digital celebrity, he was in prison for robbery. (Source Real Future)

Here are some things I learned from King Keraun and Simone that can be applied to business:

  1. LEARN how to connect directly with your fans in a few minutes
  2. PLAN your content in advance and make it realistic to your fans
  3. PROVE people wrong and run them over the entire way to success
  4. NEVER forget that your followers are like you. That’s why they watch you!
  5. CONNECT with your audience so well, other people will pay you to get their content in front of your audience
  6. EVOLVE with the times
  7. GET RID of the middle man
  8. NEVER NEVER stop creating content!

There you have it. From Rags to Riches, sharing your talent and knowledge with people who are just like you.

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  • PROVE people wrong and run them over the entire way to success  Buffer
  • You could be a "Handheld Name" with the Influence of Social Media  Buffer

How to Use Webinars for Marketing

how to use webinars for marketing

Learn How to Use Webinars For Marketing and End Your Webinar Marketing Blues

There are a lot of Internet Marketing tools available. Webinars take the bad wrap.


Webinars can be time consuming and hard to conduct. It’s turnout can be dismal. Before you throw out webinar marketing, it wouldn’t hurt if you give it a “good ole college try”. Learn how to use webinars for marketing.

You must be thorough but the reward will be more than what you’d expect when done right.

Webinar marketing is an online event hosted by you (the business owner). It’s broadcasted to a selected group of people (target audience/potential clients/customers). Then launched with the Internet and can be seen anywhere in the world.

With webinar marketing, you can reach a larger audience, create brand awareness and generate sales through power point presentations. It also works with videos, webpages, or other multimedia content. All it takes is research, a little attention to the details and keeping the creative juices flowing to come up with a great topic that directly impacts your viewers goals.

Create a topic that’s captivating, insightful and delivers practical value. One of the best ways to find with a topic that will interest your target audience is using their feedback. Feedback will describe the initial value of your product, any customer issues and overall acceptance of the product.

Use feedback as topics to clear up problems and give solutions to these problems. Keep the topic tied to your product or services offered.

After you deliver a captivating message and your fans, leads and customers come up with an idea, face a problem or issue, the first thing that comes to mind is your recommendation or solution. Selling with webinars should be a win-win situation for everyone. You get to promote and sell your products, and the audience gets useful information.

BIG TIP: You can gain more exposure by inviting industry experts to conduct webinars with you. Offer to help them sell their products and services. In return, you can generate leads from their audience.

Using Webinars For Marketing is Creative and Fun (not joking). Learning How to Use Webinars For Marketing Can Be Fun Too.

How to Use Webinars For Marketing: Webinar marketing basics

Create a compelling message that you will use for the landing page (to collect registrants), email invites and social media. The heart of this message is the topic/title which should answer the following question.

“What will I get from giving you my precious 1 and ½ hours?”

Put a short description of the webinar with bullet points to stress on the subtopics and again what YOUR viewer will get out of it. Add a description of the expert guest, a picture to help audience recognize him or her.

How to Use Webinars For Marketing: Always test the tools you’re using

Make sure your landing page is capturing the registrants, follow up pages are correct after the lead gives you their email and social media links are working.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Your message should be consistent across your entire sales funnels. Your message will read something like this…

“This webinar is more valuable to you (your audience) than to me, I am generous so I am doing it anyway”.

How to Use Webinars For Marketing: Neat ways to teach others your having a webinar

Set up ALL your social media profiles early enough to let people know the problem you’re solving on your upcoming webinar and how to register.  Create a cool hashtag that can be shared among your social media profiles (shared by others, not just yourself). Don’t forget to blast your current email list and ask your marketing friends to send a message to their email list as well.

How to Use Webinars For Marketing: The follow-up

Before the event, prep the guest(s) and get the event going! After the webinar marketing event, there are still a few things left to do. You need to test and fine-tune the webinar recording, create the landing page for the recording or converting the registry landing page into a “watch the webinar recording” landing page.

Lastly, make and send the follow-up email. Think of webinar marketing as a fun way of building brand awareness and selling your product. Always keep the creativity up and bring on the bucks by selling with webinars.

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  • Create a topic for your webinar that’s captivating, insightful and delivers practical value  Buffer
  • Always keep the topic tied to your product or services offered when conducting webinars  Buffer
  • Webinars should be a win-win situation, you get to sell and the customer finds a solution  Buffer