4 Reasons We Are NOT Equal

A message for THE destitute Entrepreneur!

4 Reasons We Are NOT Equal…(a message for THE destitute Entrepreneur)

Posted by Mike Williams on Monday, November 6, 2017

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  • Your strength lies in your routine, find one that works and stick with it until successful!  Buffer
  • Until you gain control, you will be controlled from someone else's agenda!  Buffer
  • Your lack of motivation is determined by having big enough reason WHY!  Buffer

How to Live Up to Your Full Potential

Have you ever asked yourself how to live up to your full potential? I have often and today “enough is enough! I’m fed up with mediocre results. I’m ready to step into my power and be my best self! No one is going to do it for me and no one can develop my vision better than me.

It’s go time!

Are YOU Living Up to Your Full Potential?

This week I’ve spent time thinking about how to live up to your full potential.

I’ve watched my peers start their businesses and grow them three to four times the size of my own. Although I’m always excited about their success and the places they are going, I’ve always wondered what was the major difference?

It’s quite simple…

Their level of “consistent” effort, answers the question – How to live up to your full potential? 

Habits are the mother of success. We MUST create the right habits and spend time each day developing those habits until we gain momentum. Once we’re in momentum the habit becomes natural.

Bad Habits About How to Live up to Your Full Potential

We’ve spent years developing the wrong habits. I so used to “start and stop” it became a normality. I suggest you write down a few things you can do each day that will help you get closer to your goal.

If its weight you’re looking to lose, try to focus on a 20-minute walk each day or eliminate a certain junk food.  Do you want to build your business? Focus on one marketing technique for the next 90 days until you began to get consistent results.

I’m going to do a live video each day to help me develop my speaking skills. (Comment below what your focus will be).

I look forward to hearing your results.

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Learn “My 8 Step Routine” – How to End Procrastination and Build a Dynamic Business Online in 90 Days!

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  • Habits are the mother of success  Buffer

Are you making sacrifices?

You only see their great relationship, not their ups & downs, compromise and at times heartbreak…
You only see their beautiful bodies, not their hours in the gym and avoiding the things they love to eat…
You only see the nice cars and vacations, not their long hours, history of bad credit and negative bank accounts…

Success shines for all to see, but only you will know the pain and sacrifice it took to get it!💯

How to Test Different Capture Pages with Trck.me

Struggling to Find Your Best Capture Page? I Use Trck.me

Testing is the cornerstone of any successful campaign. Trck.me helps you become a professional. You must discover what works before you scale up. Then you can invest more into your campaigns.

The best thing to use and discover what capture pages are working best are link rotators. After testing a few pages, review your numbers and then scale up with the one that works best.

Testing with Trck.me is the difference between amateur and professional marketing. A amateur will throw shit at the wall and hope something sticks. A professional will lose a few dollars to find out what works. A professional will scale up what works and triple their profits.

Are you a professional? … or at least act like one until you become one.

I always track 4 pages with a rotator.

  1. I add links to the rotator
  2. Use the created link and buy traffic from Udimi
  3. Submit my order
  4. Review my stats
  5. Use best converting page and buy more traffic to that page
  6. Increase profits

I used to get miserable results. I was listening to the Power Lead System Trainings and they mentioned to track everything. The greatest secret ever told was use tracking and watch your business explode. My business exploded. I knew where to put my money. I found gold mines faster and got results quicker.

Success in online marketing is just that simple. Find the money sucking warp holes. Fill the holes and scale up the rest. There are times one ad can run for months and make you thousands. Make you millions. Create true time freedom for you and your family. If you’re ready to start tracking your business the right way. Click Here to Purchase Trck dot me.

To your rapid success! Lata!

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  • Use Trck.me to Test Multiple Capture Pages  Buffer
  • If you want professional results you have to do professional things and track  Buffer

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