InboxR Review and Purchase Bonuses

Inboxr Review and How You Can Leverage This New Tool

Inboxr, The New Social media Marketing Tool

What if there was a way to manage communications and do social media marketing without much of a hassle?

It would be great! And finally, this is no longer hypothetical. A new system has been created to assist digital marketers and other online businesses save time and improve their sales. It is none other than Inboxr. Created by Luke Maguire, a successful digital marketer, Inboxr is a multi-social media network that acts as a virtual assistant.

Through linking to Facebook and Twitter, users can generate and convert traffic to loyal customers.

To understand why it is a superior tool for social media marketing, let us explore its features;

  •    Easy to use

It may seem a bit redundant but Inboxr has stuck to the basics of any software, it is easy to use.

A beginner does not have to pull their brains out trying to figure out how to sign up. In just a few clicks, you will get the chatbot ready to do the heavy lifting.  In addition to ease of navigation and use, an Inboxr user need not have prior professional knowledge.

You just set up and Voila! You are good to go!

  •    It is automated

In sales, building relationships and quick response drive the sales numbers to the roof.

It is however cumbersome to maintain the quick responses 24/7. Thanks to Inboxr, it is now possible to engage with customers anytime with autopilot. The chatbot automates social media marketing allowing instant responses, follow-ups and ensures that you never miss any prospect’s messages. It is pretty cool having to do all this even while asleep.

  •    Builds an email list for you

Part of what makes social media marketing tiresome is having to type email lists and check any spelling errors.

Each day, you will get new customers and you will have to add them to the list. Inboxr saves you the trouble by collecting emails and building a database for you. In case customers receive promotions, coupons or discounts, the system automatically adds them to the autoresponder. This feature helps drip feed content to customers building trust and expanding their knowledge on your products and services.

  •    Monitoring and the E-com store

The essence is to make life easier for any Inboxr user.

It therefore makes it possible to maintain contact and make known those who are yet to be contacted. Moreover, the software offers other offers to customers who make purchases maximizing the sales potential.

Additional features include being cloud-based, secure and has huge bonuses for the first sign-ups. Inboxr is truly an all-in-one tool that is changing social media marketing.

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  • InboxR helps sales, building relationships and quick response to drive the sales to the roof.  Buffer
  • Inboxr has stuck to the basics of any software, it is easy to use. Makes marketing simple!  Buffer
  • the InboxR system automatically adds leads & customers to a autoresponder.  Buffer

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