Learn How to Create Loyal Fans and Long Lasting Relationships With Customers

Are you aware of the needs of your customers? Do you know what they need before they need it? Are you constantly providing to their deepest needs?

I was surfing online looking for answers. I wanted to know how to build and sustain a massive following online. Here are 7 Strategies to create loyal fans and long lasting relationships with customers.

1. Give More than You Sell

After a few years of selling online, I’ve learned that bonuses sell my products. When your customer buys from you, are they buying the product or the experience with YOU and some of your other services? I offer limited time access to some of my other products and services and at times free one on one coaching. I offer these extras because it helps build a long lasting relationship with my customers.

2. Make Sure Your Customers are Better off After Using Your Product/Service

Are your clients in a better place after using your product/services? It would really suck if they paid you money and got no results. Make it your goal to give your customers the best experience possible. Your customers did not pay you for a product/service, they paid you for the pleasure they will gain from your product/service.

3Make Money Online. Even More Surprises

Yes , give them more! Give your customer something the didn’t expect. Discount on another product/service, a longer coaching session, a ebook, etc. This will create customer excitement and loyalty. If you want a customer to return and buy more or refer you to their friends and associates? Give them something they didn’t expect…

4. Have a Transparent State of Mind

Keep your customers in the loop. Let them know why something wasn’t executed properly. When a customer reads your offers do they know what they’re getting and confident they will get it? Transparency in business will take you a long way and create customer loyalty.

5. Reward Your Most AWESOME Clients

Some clients will be more awesome than others. When you find some really good clients, take care of them. Give them free products, bonuses, special benefits and more value.

6. Make is Easy For all Your Entire Organization to Give the Same Service to Each Client

Tony Robbins calls this having a value chain. He states ” if a single chain is broken it can end a relationship with a customer forever”. Every person in your organization should have the same level of standards when dealing with all your clients from the worst to the best.

7. Give Back Every Chance You Get

Every opportunity you have to give back to your customers, employees, business partners, social media followers, society, etc…Do it! When people have memorable experiences with you, they tell everyone else. Do right and more by others and they will do three times as mush for you.

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